Joining timber is easier with the Miller Dowel 

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Miller Dowels are a stepped, solid-wood structural fastener that forms joints from the outside in and unlike other methods of wood joinery, Miller Dowels require minimal tools and can be installed exactly where they are needed in any woodworking project.

The Miller Dowel Joinery method offers the advantages achieved with metal fasteners, but with the benefits associated with natural methods of joinery offering an inherently flexible, durable, and non-corrosive alternative. 


Developed by the Miller Dowel Company and launched in 2002, the Miller Dowel and the Miller TruFit Step Drill have quickly established a reputation as a simple, quick and inexpensive new method of wood joinery.


It is a simple two-part process consisting of a multi-diameter, stepped drill bit designed to bore specialised pilot holes for specifically engineered hardwood dowels, with a patented stepped-shoulder design, which locks components together when seated. 


The Miller Dowel Joinery system is a revolutionary wooden fastener that offers superior joinery strength, quick and easy application, and time-honoured appearance.



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Mini-X Length: 44mm         Cap: 6.3mm
B8C6.5-Kit Mini-X Miller Dowel Joinery Kit*


QD8C6.5 Mini X Miller TruFit Drill Bit


B8C6.5 - 100 100 ea Mini X Dowels - Birch


C8C6.5 - 100 100 ea Mini x Dowels - Cherry


1X Length: 69.8mm      Cap: 10.3mm
B12D11 - 40 40 ea 1X Miller Dowels - Birch


O12D11 - 40 40 ea 1X Miller Dowels - Oak


C12D11 - 40 40 ea 1X Miller Dowels - Cherry


W12D11 - 40 40 ea 1X Miller Dowel - Walnut


2X Length: 89mm          Cap: 12.7mm
C15D14 - 40 40 ea  2X Miller Dowels - Cherry


W15D14 - 40 40 ea  2X Miller Dowels - Walnut 


 * Mini-X kits include 100 Birch Miller Dowels and a TruFit Drill Bit

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